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Cool graffiti that i found around ein mrayseh

Same graffiti diff. colour

Body Art 2


Body Art 2

Anger 2

Body Art 2

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Body Art 2

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Body Art 2

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Exploring Charcol

A Checkers Game

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Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving

   Drunk driving really does kill people. Everyone I know takes this issue for granted little do they know how much hurt and death this causes every year. We only hear about it from other people it is only when it happens to our friends or relative’s do we decided that it’s wrong and should not be done. What I don’t understand is why not decide for ourselves before having to go through such a traumatic experience. Why not just order a cab when you want to go out, or just take turns to drive and drink safely. Wouldn’t that be just a whole lot easier than hurting so many people? In the past year we have lost more than thousands of people to drunk driving. I personally have more than 10 friends who have died that way. They either got hit by a drunk driver or they themselves were driving in that manner.

  People do not understand that when you are drunk you are no longer in control of your own body. You see things differently, you feel things differently and the thing that attracts us most to drinking is that you become braver thus causing them to speed and end their lives and the lives of others on the way. Honestly how difficult is it to just not drive when drunk. In my experience it’s a lot easier than just murdering people. Because at the end of the day murder is murder whether you shoot someone in the head or kill them in an accident in my opinion it’s the same thing.

   There are a lot of awareness campaigns going on right now and we should listen to them. Those people speak out of experience such as the “Kunhadi” and “hikmat road safety” campaign. These people have lots ones who are dear to them to drunk driving and are helping us realize what a great mistake we are making by getting into that car when under the influence of alcohol. I believe we should all stand up to those who want to drive drunk and show them the errors of their ways.

Body Art

Turning Pink

Body Art

Paint Angel 1

Body Art

Paint angel 2

Art With no Art MAterials

"The Cake"

Art With no Art Materials

The cake

Art With no Art materials

The Final Cake

Art With no Art Materials
The Batter
Art With no Art Materials

In the Making

Art With no Art Materials
Art WIth no Art Materials


A Fan

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Still Life project no. 3

A Pot

A close up

Still Life Project no. 3

Drawing freely

Drawing freely

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